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Chef Special

Authentic dishes come from chef's home town Harbin


Popular Spicy tastes give mouth a fire and lip-smacking


Handmade noodles and homemade sauces are chef's secret


Our story begins in Harbin...

Northeast cuisine refers to the cooking dishes of the Northeast folk (Northeast people). The internal diet of the Northeast folk system is highly similar, but there are also Ji cuisine, Liao cuisine (except Jiaodong cuisine represented by Dalian cuisine) and Longjiang cuisine under the segment. In the "Eight Major Cuisines", Northeast cuisine is not ranked, but it does not stop its business, and even it is called the "Ninth Major Cuisine." Even in Guangzhou, far from its birthplace, Northeast cuisine is as popular as kapok, is warm and heroic. The formation of Northeast cuisine also incorporates some characteristics of other Chinese diets and the Han diet. Northeast cuisine is characterized by a multi-flavored dish, salty and sweet, a wide range of ingredients, sufficient heat, rich flavor, rich color, freshness and crispy. Cooking method are fry, burst, grill, roast, steam, stew. The main features are fried, sauce, stewed.

— Chef   

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